Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I have a lot to say.

I resurrected this blog (last posted December 13, 2006!) to post on the process of creating what I hope will be my debut novel, Tankbread.

I wrote an initial post about the current self-publishing vs traditional publishing debate - but 3000 words later I figured I should probably break it up into specific posts. This is the introduction. More posts to follow...
The internet has been abuzz with chatter about traditional publishing models compared to self-publishing. No one has yet identified the true issue - which has nothing to do with how you are published - but what you are publishing.
 The traditional publishing system has the weight of millions of dollars behind your novel. This makes it highly likely that more potential customers will see your book on store shelves.

The problems start when you start noticing the number of those stores that are closing down. Going out of business. No longer being available as a place for your publisher to put your product.

Ebooks and Print On Demand (POD) are the solution - but therein lies the problems with all publishing.

Next post Problem #1 with self-publishing.

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