Saturday, December 10, 2011


I drank a lot of beer over the last few weeks. Firstly there was my 40th birthday to celebrate. But more importantly, before that I saw Tankbread go up on Amazon.

It has been a long term goal of mine to have a book for sale before my 40th. So I achieved that. Actually I achieved that twice.

Tankbread is also available through Smashwords, and now I have removed the reference to the Kindle edition it should go into their premium catalog which means it should be available through other sites - like Apple and Barnes and Noble some time in about a week.

I'm mildly bi-polar (it was the official diagnosis about 20 years ago) so I've crashed a bit after the birthday. It's why I haven't updated the blog in a while and why I haven't sealed the deal with putting Tankbread out in a print edition.

The ebook editions are selling, of both books. Marketing is not a full time job so I'm not retiring soon. I'm experimenting with price and the idea of imputed value. It will be interesting to see what the right price for both books are.

Of course I'm writing flat out. I have a new collection of short stories in the works the title story is 'The Tao of The Tattoo' which I am still writing.

I'm also editing an anthology for Knightwatch Press, working on various other novel ideas, managing Tankbread: The Audio Book Edition and producing another Audiobook called 'The Last Ringbearer' which is a story set in Middle Earth told from the POV of the orcs.

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