Thursday, March 01, 2012

Cover to Cover

Today I started the process of taking the formatted (for print) PDF of Tankbread and adding the expertly rendered cover and putting them together to make a printed edition of Tankbread.

The Createspace robot said my gutters weren't big enough - so I've sent it back to the formatter with a list of things I'd liked adjusted.

The cover looks great and also today, the artist David Naughton-Shires sent me this cover for the upcoming Knightwatch Press anthology I'm editing; Tales From The Bell Club

If you are looking for cover design - check out David at Image Designs


Sean Wright said...

Beautiful covers

Beaulah said...

Hi Paul,
Just read about you on Stuff this morning. Amazing work you are doing. I was really excited to see another self-published author in Christchurch walking much the same path as me! Just wanted to say hello.
My name is Beaulah. I published my first novel just after the September earthquake and turned it into a CreateSpace book after the February earthquake (isn't it weird how having all that time off work makes you so productive...?)
It would seem that you are way ahead of me in the realm of marketing and promotion of your eBooks - though if you are only just going to print, I may have a few useful tips about getting your book into places like Paper Plus and Scorpio books and perhaps how to organize a cool book launch if you were thinking of doing one (the local libraries are really supportive).
If you are interested in catching up for a coffee and having a chat, I'd love to meet you.