Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Subject of Scholarly Research

This is a book report written by Cameron Barnes (of Alloa, Scotland) Age 14

By Paul Mannering

The front cover of this book is well designed. It has a green background and what looks like bubbles of chemicals and a DNA helix at the front. Then at the top you have the title TANKBREAD in bold letters. The cover makes me want to read as the author has thought about the colours and the detail very well and made it look fantastic. The blurb tells us that the book is set in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies wreak havoc. It also tells us about an outlaw courier and a cloned woman called Else and their desperate quest across the wasteland of Australia.
The blurb gives you a good image of what the book will be like and pulled me into reading it. The first chapter tells us where The Courier is and what he’s doing. It also tells us that there are two kinds of zombies. There are Zombies that are more intelligent and can talk and ones that are more typical shamblers. The first chapter gives us an insight into the mind of Mannering. It’s dark and gruesome in here! The first chapter want me want to read more as it sounds like a thrill ride.

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